The Sloppy Bowl

There once was a game in the rain
In the land of the foul hurricane;
              They played there to crown,
              If they all didn't drown,
The champs of the football campaign.

The game went okay, all in all,
Though they couldn't hold onto the ball:
              The pigskin was greasy,
              And fans were uneasy
At the thought of a long free-for-all.

But Chicago stopped coughing it up,
So then Rex Grossman stepped up
              And floated a pair
              Of errors-by-air…
Allowing the Colts to clean up.

But credit where credit is due:
Cuz ol' Peyton Manning and crew
              Showed wherewithal
              On both sides of the ball,
Silencing the critic hitherto.

                             —Anon A. Mouse

                                                      © 2007