There’s fourteen words, in this new year, of which we must be wary,
Which one school says should be excised from our vocabulary.
LSSU put out its list, linguistic health to foment –
And refudiate the wow-factor of every a-ha moment.
I’m Facebooking my BFF to Google its back story;
And Mama Grizzlies, man up – cuz you knew this a priori.
The American people cannot hope to live life to the fullest
While uttering expressions that no longer are the coolest.
Oh, dear…I’ve used – in this brief exposition of the tale –
All fourteen of these banished words and phrases …EPIC FAIL.
Do you think that means this poem, the entire list displayin’,
Has a more – or lesser – chance of going viral? I’m just sayin’…

                                                        —O. Nonymous

                                                                                                       © 2011