At the Bottom of the OPECking Order

The precious oil
For which we toil
Is in such short supply,
The price of gas
Will surely pass Three dollars by and by.
(You understands,
In other lands
It's more than twice that high.)

Our transportation
Needs libation
Of another variety;
To find one seems doable:
But it must be renewable—
And not overtax society.
(Note, talk of wind,
Of late, has thinned—
A victim of its notoriety.)

The hydrogen cell,
Though it means well,
Costs a lot to feed;
And whatever-all
Can hardly meet our need.
And compressed propane
In the fast lane—
Will it bring us up to speed?

So I wonder who'll
Discover a fuel
From another source…
Oh, wait, I know—
We should each just go
Out and buy a horse!
One swift and majestic
(Not a nag that's domestic)—
Arabian, of course.

               —Arabianon A. Mouse

                                                                                             © 2005