Somewhere Under the Rainbow


If You Think I've Been Out in the Sun Too Long, You're All Wet

You know that you live in the land of rain,
A land where "sunny" is hard to explain,
If what's heard just as soon as the sky turns gray
Is, "My, but isn't it bright today?"

And you know that you live in the land of sun,
Where air conditioners constantly run,
If the slightest chill evokes this tune:
"We're sure to be in for a blizzard soon." 

But fortunately, WE live in neither such land,
Where either the one or the other is banned;
We plan our whole lives just a day in advance—
Or leave weather conditions completely to chance.  

We click on our icon for,
So we'll know where it's going (who cares where it's from),
Content hot and sweaty, or wet and cold,
In a land that, to us, is the pot of gold. 

                                          —O. Nonymous

                                                                                                      © 2006