Synonyms and Antonyms

A synonym's a word that means
The same as what another means—
Like trousers, pants, and denim jeans—
Not opposites or in-betweens.

But antonyms, as I recall,
Are not like synonyms at all—
They're quite the opposite withal—
Like tall and short, or big and small.

But diff'rent as they seem to be—
Unlike as words could ever be—
They have some similarity,
Which manifests peculiarly:

Whatever's one the other is,
The other's other, that one is;
Whatever's one its own self is,
The other's that itself is, viz.:

"The antonym of synonym
Is synonym of antonym;
The synonym of synonym
Is antonym of antonym." 

With that you have, precise and prim,
As eloquent as any hymn,
And shedding light where light was dim,
A lesson for your cherubim 
On syno- and its anto-nym.

                         —Anon A. Mouse

                                                                        © 2000