Caveat Pre-Emptor

"Beware the Sixth of March," said he,
The old and wizened geezer,
"Lest time and age catch up with thee,"
Then watched the terror seize her.

"Beware the Sixth of March," he said,
And bared his rotten tooth
"A day whose light you'll come to dread,
The day you'll face the truth.

"That your baby brother's childhood,
Where abideth he in bliss,
Is not his first but second, should
Be a clue you cannot miss.

"As well, forsooth, your offspring three
Whose childhoods have flown
Have begun creating progeny,
Now outnumbering thine own.

"Beware thou," said the wrinkled sage,
"The years won't be erased;
You can't think, 'It's just middle age,'
Entirely straight-faced.

"Beware, lest that make thee enraged,
And gall and wormwood taste;
For when you SAY you're middle-aged…
No one ELSE will be straight-faced."

"Beware the Sixth of March," said he,
And blindly eyed the clock.
"Once you've blazed the trail to seventy,
There the rest of us will flock."

                              —Anon Aged Mouse

                                                                                      © 2007