Carbon Copy Dating

The older I get, the more surely my references
Reveal more of me than just merely my preferences;
In addition to those, they're a clear demonstration
I was raised in that famed 8-track-tape generation.

I know that I'm dating myself when I choose
To mention a item from yesteryear's news,
Or a product or TV show decades extinct
Cuz it just didn't sell—or cuz, frankly, it stinked.

Like leisure suits, Afros, and soap-on-a-rope,
"Try it, you'll like it," and, "Coach, you've got…Scope!"
And Gentle Ben, Sledge Hammer, Vida Ice Blue,
And Kojak, and Captain Bob Keeshangaroo.

In dating yourself you may, likewise, persist,
But don't expect too much to come of the tryst:
Though same-SEX marriage these days is making a try,
My hunch is, same-SELF marriage never will fly.

                                             —Alone A. Mouse

                                                                                  © 2006