Complaint Department Closed Due to the Weather

The weather’s the weather, whatever it is:
Whether sunshine or raindrops or wind gusts or frizz.
One day it warms up, the next day it’s cold,
The kind of a pattern that quickly gets old.

We like to complain that it’s not warm enough
(When the truth of it is we’re just not all that tough).
If it’s cold we don’t like – as we say with our mouth –
Here’s one thing we can do: just pack up and move south.

The truth is, we like it a lot around here:
The change of the seasons, each time of the year;
But it’s nice to have something about which to fuss…
Which, regardless of how much we grumble or cuss,
Is really not open to input from us!

                                            —Anon-complAining Mouse

                                                                                                             © 2008