The Year the Bills Won the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XXXIV—
The Titans struggled hard;
Their drive to try and tie the score
Fell short by just a yard.

I closed my eyes and thought, alas,
Just how it might have been:
McNair should run, instead of pass—
He might have made it in.

But pray tell, what’s this voice I hear:
The officials said they blew it?
Since it’s the last game of the year,
They’re going to review it?!

Listen now! I hear them say,
“That tackle we’ll preempt;
So Dyson scored and then they’d play
The extra point attempt.

“Then Eddie George would take the ball
Out for a short excursion
To put an ending to it all
With a big 2-point conversion.”

And so, with logic all their own,
The officials took a poll:
Because on replay clearly shown
Four weeks ago a call was blown:
That lateral was forward thrown!
They ruled, the Bills should have the throne—
They’ve won this Super Bowl!

Such ecstasy, such pure delight—
Bills held in high esteem—!
But then the sun erased the night,
And woke me from my dream.

                    Anon A. Mouse

                                                                          © 2000