No Longer Sure of Thee OR Me


Oblivious to the Obvious…Whaddayaknow – It’s the True Bread

Have those that walk in darkness seen a light?
Do they know a child was born to us one night?
Has it dawned on those who dwell in death’s penumbrance
He has come to bring an end to our encumbrance?
Do they recognize God’s blessing on our land,
The steady, mighty moving of his hand?
Or, distracted by the gain from what was planted,
Are they blinded cuz it’s taken so for granted?

Wonderful the child will be called;
Counselor, and thralls will be enthralled;
The Mighty God incarnate, if you please;
Most importantly, the Prince of inward Peace –
And on this one’s broad shoulders God will place
The government of all the human race.
But though the LORD Almighty thus provided,
Will they see it when the crises have subsided?

They may say with pride and arrogance of heart,
“Let’s build again, and now’s the time to start;
We’ll do it better, bringing stuff from far ‘way –
And we’ll know it’s best, because we’ll do it our way.”
Is it not enough to try the patience of men?
Must they also try God’s patience too, and then
Pursuing targets framed for them in hell,
Ignore the sign, the son, Immanuel?

                                                    —O. Blivious

                                                                                         ©  2008