Jet Stream of Consciousness

On my way to California, I changed planes at the airport of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

And you might say I was lucky

Cuz everyone’s so friendly and accommodating there

After all, they don’t know what kind of troubulance you may have experienced in the air

Before arriving there.

I was looking for a men’s room (that’s the kind of flight I’d had…

No, no - really, it wasn’t bad

It’s just that when the flight attendant asked me if I wanted spring water I said yes and that we had actually just flown over Springwater and had to explain to her that it was a town, all the while she was pouring my spring water, and I would have told her to stop sooner if I’d thought to

But I didn’t, so I had to drink more spring water than I ought to).

Upon leaving the men’s room, I came upon a moving walkway

Which I thought would have been more aptly named a zooming talkway

Because it would say something helpful like “Caution: moving walkway is now ending” when you’re close to the ending part

Though perhaps for it to have said, “Caution: moving walkway is now moving” might have been a helpful thing to say at the start.

I found my gate without the help of that zooming talkway and sat down bored to wait to board my next transport vessel of modernity

For what seemed like an eternity

Until finally a voice came over the intercom,

As sterile as it was calm,

“The following passengers may now enter through the breezeway: first class, Medallion members, those who need assistance, and those who have infants in arms.”

I fully expected the serene voice to continue with, “For breezier entry, use the exit to the tarmac - don’t mind the alarms.”

Notwithstanding our automated guidance system, we made it onto the aircraft - all the dull way, none the fun way -

And as we began taxiing along, I thought I saw a sign that said, “Look both ways before crossing the runway.”

We paused, then taxied and taxied until I wondered if we were going to drive down to Louisville and take off from there,

Until finally I’m sure we passed a sign that said, “Get in line and wait your turn for take-off,” and on the back was written, “Don’t look now, but that airplane is sneaking up on you”; then at last it was our turn to get in the air…

At which point I considered myself lucky

To be leaving the friendly and accommodating airport of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

                                             —Concourse A Mouse

                                                                                                    © 2009