The Onlyest Newlyest Word


Ashlessity Is the Mutterer of Invention

One of my dousins
(A “dousin” being defined as one among a plethoritude of
             near- and far-distant-related cousins) –
Namely, the one bequaint to us as Ashley –
Ratherquite brashly
Invented the newlyest word.
Which I’m sure you haven’t heard.
In what some may have mistaken for hokey boshiness,
But mid a discustomarysplay of non-wishy-washiness,
She announced that the word she had invented was: omgoshiness –
A provementation that she is no nincompoop,
For she invented it and exemplified it, all in one swell omgoshy foop.


                                                                                                                  © 2011