Caught Ida-Red-Handed

I mouse-proofed all the apples that my family had just picked
In boxes, crates, and bins, till I was sure I had 'em licked,
Cuz licking ain't the problem that we've had years in the past
When we've picked five bushel apples and then tried to make 'em last:
The mice would make a home down in a corner of a bin—
Then gorge themselves on Cortlands in their gluttonousy sin.
But THIS year marks the end of all their nibbling and their chewing,
Cuz THIS year I'm experienced and know better what I'm doing.
I made SURE no spy was spying, of the species of a mouse
(As James Monroe once said, "Is there a rodent in the house?").
And I knew that I had foiled 'em from their apple-eatin' crime,
Till suddenly—convictingly—it dawned on me that I'm…
                                                —Also A. Mouse