The Devil's Playground

The Good Book has clearly insisted
To all of life's thrill-seeking boasters,
That the serpent's more crafty—and twisted—
Than any of those other coasters.

I was recently at a theme park;
Rode a ride with a venomous name—
A coaster that made me remark:
“This viper is awfully tame.”

So I rode on another instead,
Which traverses both ways on its track.
Disembarking, I studiously said,
“Now I know this ride, forward and back.”

There's a wooden one I would have ridden,
But at my age, my bod would have smarted.
Then there’s one that for me is forbidden:
“A fool and his brain are soon parted.”

Another one takes you up high,
Then down through the thin air it shoots you;
When it's done, wipe your brow with a sigh,
And say, “We who did NOT die salute you.”

So you thrill-seekers, do not be faint:
Raise your hands on your coasters and shout;
As you're leaning against the restraint—
Pray it holds when “the bottom drops out.”

And when you ride, don't be a fool
And get on one right after you sup,
Or you'll waste time relearning the rule
That “whatever goes down, must come up.”

                                   —Anon A. Musement

                                                                                           © 2009