These Lunatics Want Us to Go to Mars


Your Eyes May Be Deceiving You, But Don’t Let That Keep You from Seeing Things

Forty years ago we watched in awe as Neil Armstrong stepped
So caref’ly off the ladder – JFK’s commitment kept –
And then as he began his Moonwalk, heard as he opined
That his small step entailed a giant leap for all mankind.

But that was then, and this is now, Mr. President, they said;
It’s time to plan a trip to Mars, since now the Moonwalk’s dead,
And dispel the ancient Martian myths of little men of green –
Imagine such imaginary beings being seen!

The things we’ll see and do there will surpass those on the moon:
If inhabitants have been there, then they must have left a rune.
And when our brave adventurers return home from their cycle,
They’re sure to tell of sightings there of Elvis–or of Michael.

                                                             —O. Nonymoon

                                                                                                             © 2009