Manifest Distantly


Go Up, Young Man


Location, Location, Lo— Where?!

Bright astronomers discovering
Tiny satellites a-hovering
Near many a multi-light-year-distant sun
Leave no stone unturned in space
In their search to find a place
To expand – and now they think they’ve found “the one.”

They say it looks hospitable—
Not a rattlesnake nor pit-a-bull—
As a possible new “alter-earth” it passes:
There even might be water,
And atmosphere? It oughtter—
Well, at least it won’t be filled with greenhouse gases.

Its sun is a red dwarf
(“Guaranteed to never morph!”)
So I’m sure it’ll be much cooler there in summer,
Though it’s possible the norm
Isn’t all that warm…
And be like Pennsylvania winter. Bummer.

The name of this orb be
Gliese 581 c,
A veritable neighbor in our night.
It’s only 20 years away,
So we could get there any day—
If we’re traveling several times the speed of light.

But we’d better hurry up
Or our moment will be up,
‘Fore there’s no more water left here fit for drinking—
To escape these shores a-teeming
For greener planets (seeming)—
As we manifest our destiny: wishful thinking.

                                      —Astron A. Mouse

                                                                                       © 2007