(inspired by Rusty Hyngez)

 Are tidbits really bits of tid?
What's flipping when you flip your lid?
Since "con" is opposite of "pro",
The opposite of "progress" I think you know.
A teacup's not my cup of tea;
A seesaw never saw a sea.
Does hemlock really lock your hem?
Is membrane really brain of mem?
Are cowlicks really licked by cows?
Are powwows mainly wows or pows?
Why don't I laugh, but only groan,
Whenever I hit my funny bone?
I've puzzled over these and others
(Chrysanthemums are no one's mothers).
If I unlock this mystery,
It's cuz I've found the answer key. 

                          —Anon A. Mouse

                                                                  © 1999