Recounting the Election

(to the tune of "Reviewing the Situation" from Oliver!)

First, Gore won, they said—didn't he?
No, Bush pulled ahead—didn't he?
On November the seventh we thought the election was o'er;
But Floridians don't know if they voted for Bush or for Gore…
They're…re…counting the election
Cuz the networks (who decide it as-they-go)
Made an error…in their projection—
Now it's turned into a great big fiasco.
They've recounted all the ballots now
And heard about the ballots, how
They made it so confused to them
(Though shouldn't they be used to them?)
"I voted wrong, it's my mistake,
But still there's just too much at stake—
I think we better get to vote again."

The next President—who'll it be?
Enough of torment—who'll it be?
Just cuz Gore is behind by a couple of votes, he's not sad:
Palm Beach County's got hundreds of ballots that still have the chad…
They're…re…viewing the situation
Cuz the vote's too close to call for either gent;
Such a trial…for the nation—
Hurry, tell us who will be our President!
But if Iowa and Oregon
Are won by Bush from Gore again,
New Mexico and likewise, too,
Wisconsin—maybe Timbuc too—
Look out New Hampshire, here he comes
To try to better Bush's sums—
I think you better get to vote again!

They're recounting votes—in Florida;
Who sinks and who floats—in Florida.
Just how long will it take them to tally and see who's got more?
Four more years just might pass and find Clinton still minding the store…
He's…re…joicing in the election
(Might this fellow be the President-for-life?!)
While New York State…made its selection…
And has chosen, as their Senator, his wife.
Now his wife will write each bill for him
And vote on Cap'tol Hill for him
And work for him and speak for him,
Such havoc she will wreak for him,
She'll push her Bill right off his chair,
And take his Oval Office chair—
She'll be so well connected there
She just might get elected there…
I think we better get to vote again!

                             —Faganon A. Mouse

                                                                                              © 2000