Two Springs Forward, One Fall Back

If Daylight Savings Time keeps on increasing
(A trend that seems of questionable worth)
‘Twon’t bring about a Day of Light Unceasing,
For the sun still disappears behind the earth.

I’d like to see ‘em try this trick up north,
When the sun is shining morning, noon, and night;
Won’t help them then to “dare” to venture forth…
And be forgotten on those long, long days of night.

Well…perhaps for our locale it’s better suited
Where at least we see the sun in every season;
So before I file a suit to have it booted,
I better have a solid, foolproof reason.

But this getting dark so early is a bummer,
Disobliging to me, so much so that I’m
Inclined to think it’s “Standard Time” in summer—
And then we switch to “Daylight Losing Time”.

                                                —Anon A. Mouse

                                                                                   © 2003