Monkeys Saw, Monkeys Did — And Still Doing


If You Have Two Boys,
You Get a Half a Boy's Work

I know what that means—as a matter of fact,
They just reached fourteens, and that's how they act:

They find an excuse for staying up late;
Try to put 'em to use, and they procrastinate.
With less than a fur on, cold winter they'll brave,
But can't stand razor bur-n whenever they shave.
They've appetites more than insatiably great,
So I'm never quite sure the amount that they ate—
I'm never quite sure—what I mean is, until…
They deftly adjure me that I pay the bill.
Old movies they'll quote—W.C. Fields, or Marx brothers—
'Specially THE anecdote that brings shivers to mothers.
They xanga, IM, and follow Homestar Runner,
And things that, to them, are like work—only funner.
They miss obvious moves when playing at chess…
But just what that proves is anyone's guess.

What makes my kids all so darn much like me?!
"The monkeys don't fall too far from the tree."

                                     —O. Nonymonk

                                                                                  © 2006