Too Crazy Decades


It Can’t Be True That Genius Is Close to Insanity Or Mouse Would Be Off the Chart—Well, He IS Off the Chart, and I Think We Know Which One


Some Say that the Difference Between Genius and Insanity Is Measured Only by Success or Failure; Mouse Proves This Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt


A. Einstein: Proved that You Can Be a Genius Without Being Crazy A. Mouse: Proves that Just Being Crazy Doesn’t Make You a Genius

A. A. Mouse, that anonymous author of Spots
               Which weekly appear in the Sun,
Takes phrases and words and gets tied up in knots—
               In tangles that can’t be undone.

He tries to act brainy and clever and witty
               With those fifty-cent lexemes he uses;
But the best he can hope to inspire is pity—
               Cuz his writing his readers confuses.

His more refined nom de plume, O. Nonymous,
               Valiantly—desperately—fights this stuff,
By contrast attempting to be…humorous….
               Readers still (rightly) wonder, “Who writes this stuff?!”

They’re birds of a feather—two peas in a pod—
               Who, with name-shifting foil T. S. G.,
Write naught about nothing, excepting it’s odd:
               Tweedle-dumbs and their pal, Tweedle-dree.

They’ve been dancing around anonymity now
               A bewildering score of years flat.
But they’ve danced around close to insanity now
               For consider’bly longer than that.

                                            —A. A. O. T. S. G. NonyMouse