Making Change: Anybody Got Two $20s for a $10?


Alexander Hamilton Is About to Lose Another Duel

They wanna put a woman on the Ten
And cut in on that gang of money-men.
“Al Hamilton,” they say, “is losing face;
Let’s let some famous lady take his place.”

Now what they got against this fiscal genius?!
It couldn’t be just horrormonal meanius…
They must have one more worthy up their sleeve,
These daughters of their lovin’ Mother Eve.

Some say Liz Stanton oughtta do the trick;
Still others think Sue Anthony’s our chick.
But neither of the two has yet a lock—
Cuz Eleanor is also in the dock.

Yet even they were not the sole contenders
For the beautifying of our legal tenders;
Ideas ranged from grand down to ridiculous—
I even saw a vote for Ms. St. Nicholas.

Bets Ross would have it sewn up in a jiffy;
Beyoncé, though, would be a bit more iffy.
To Sandra Day O’Connor, say good-night,
And several more went down without a fight.

Now, some might even save that space for Hillary;
But those who’re thinking Caitlyn…don’t be sillary.
Rosie’d give those riveters a voice,
But Wil’ Mankiller? An inauspicious choice.

Then there’s that Tubman woman—she’s a plucky figger;
Though perhaps she should be on a bill much bigger.
She’ll get her due—of that I have no doubts—
Cuz Andy…well, he’s REALLY on the outs. 

                                                  —Anon Aaron Mouse