I'm Sure Your Vacation Plans Are Out of this World

What in tarnation—
The Sun needs vacation?!
S’pose the Janitor wanted a break.
But while a break he is taking,
The news keeps on breaking—
And some of it’s not even fake.

Like, the uproar o’er the dyin’
Of a lionized lion;
The failure to dismember Planned Parenthood;
And the last-minute fling
Of more hats in the ring—
A most brutal campaign season guarant’d.

See, that’s what you miss
When you take off like this
To heaven knows where for two weeks:
Try as you like, you’ll
Miss the news cycle—
It’s your loss if some juicy thing leaks.

But what WE want to know
Is…where’s the Sun GO
To “get away” when it takes its vacations?!
Do you eclipse behind Mars?
Or cavort with the stars
In Dancing With The……Constellations?

When tired you’re getting
Of rising and setting,
Do you sit and read books from your shelf?
Or’s your best R&R
To go off to some far
Beach, just to bask in yourself?

Is that it? Or is it
That you’ll go out to visit
A new “Earth” that NASA just found,
Where, if rising seas drown each lighthouse—
Or Donald Trump wins the White House—
We can flee if we can’t stick around!?

So…Yes—in tarnation—
The Sun NEEDS a vacation!
Its yearning for such is not fake.
And though there’s always new “news”,
Let’s let the Janitor choose
To periodically put on the brake. 

                                 —Anon Astral Mouse