Worlloyd Cup

I heard some ladies kicked around a geodesic ball
              For an hour and a half the other night,
And that one ball-hog refused to let her teammates kick at all—
              For awhile there, at least. So far ’s that right?

She kicked it left, she kicked it right, then up, down, and acrosst—
              She must think playing keep-away is fun.
They kept saying that she “found the net”—who knew that it was lost?
              (Well, the Japanese were often missing one.)

Then she finally started sharing when the game was almost through—
              With barely only 15 minutes gone.
They coulda quit, but no—the others HAD to take turns, too;
              It’s fake grass, or they’d’ve totally ruined the lawn.

                                                          —. Carliymous