Back In the Solar System's Good Graces


Was Flying By Pluto an Accident, Or Did Somebody Planet?

Thanks to beamed-back photos now,
We’re seeing what’s on Pluto now—
         Our sister planet-dwarf’s terrain: 
         Your icy mountains’ majesty 
         Above your amber frigid plain,
From sea to (frozen solid) shining sea.

And also of your lovely moon,
A place we hope to visit soon 
         Vacationing in cliffs and canyons
         Never touched by human feet; 
         With a few well-picked astro-companions,
We’ll bring our cameras, tents, and food—and heat.

There’s so much to ooh-and-ah at there,
We’ll maybe go so gaga there 
         With all the pictures coming at us, 
         We’ll see you’ve been misunderstood, 
         And beg the Sun to change your status…
And welcome Pluto back to planethood. 

                                             —Plut-O. Nonymous