The California Liquid Gold Rush of 2015

California’s water
Don’t go as far’s it oughtter—
That is, at least, according to its users;
Cuz when they sprinkle it upon
Their garden or their lawn
Their kitchen sinks decidedly are losers.

To be sure, they cannot fill
Their swimming pools at will
Or doubtless they will wind up being fined;
Instead of backyard surf
They might better make it turf—
As long as it’s the rock-and-cactus kind.

The youngest of their set
Have never seen rain yet—
And none remembers what a rainbow is;
While they try to water crops,
We out East just lick our chops
For the fruits of California’s agri-biz.

So before you take your shower
For three-quarters of an hour,
Just remember California’s water woes.
But me? Despite their plight
I’m hopping the next flight—
But I’m packing me an extra water hose.

                                   —H2O Nonymous