O, Beware the Pi of March!

Julius O. Circle, the ruler of Round,
              was warned of the fate he would face
If ever, O ever, his circlet was found
              (and his head) hanging ’round the wrong place
On March the 14th
in 2015,
              at 9:26:53
(I.e., Pi of March, a.k.a., Ides-O-ween)—
              a day of profround infamy.

He was told ’twould be best that he not venture out
              by chariot, ox-cart, or taxi-bus,
To the Forum or Senate or squares ’round about,
              nor especially Circumference Maximus.
But Julius O. Circle? O, he did not sphere;
              he believed that he had no arc-enemy,
So around Round he rode, and he told his vizier,
              “One circuit should not be the end o’ me.”

But before he had circled around his domain,
              by his circle of friends circling ’round him
He was Brutusly murdered, was Cassiusly slain,
              as those fiends drew the chord tight around him.
Then Arc Antony offered a cute, obtuse angle:
              perhaps his life could’ve been spared
If instead Julius O. had got ’round that wry tangle
              by waiting until Pi Mar. squared.

                                             —Anon 3.141592653 Mouse