Tennessee, Tennessaw

I went to Tennessee
To see what Tennessaw;
I didn’t hurt my knee,
And I didn’t break the law.

I went to be a learner:
I learned ’bout Sergeant York;
Saw a play there called The F’reigner—
Learned how to pr-O-nounce “fo-wrk”.

But I didn’t try the okra
That came with my fried chicken,
Cuz I didn’t wanna chokra
While my fingers I was lickin’.

My host was from the No’th,
My hostess Japanese;
I learned to eat beef broth—
With chopsticks?!—yes, with ease.

So lovely was the weather
With sunshine every day,
I didn’t know just whether
I’d put down roots and stay.

Cuz from touring to cuisine
I won’t try to deny
That with all I’d Tennesseen…
It was hard to say good-bye.

                         — Nonymous