I $ NY

                    Late summer here’s a special kind of nice;
                    The clear, warm days and cool nights entice
                    Those native-born to stay, at any price –
                    Our pretty little piece of paradise.


Winter here’s a blizzard and the air is filled with snow,
When our toes are wet and frozen and our cars refuse to go,
And the spring is wet and frozen too – until it starts to thaw,
Then the wind commences blowing and it’s best described as “raw”,
And mid summer’s hot and humid, sweat all streaming down our skin
Till it makes a soggy wet suit of the clothing that we’re in.


                    Late summer here’s a special kind of nice;
                    This time of year is worth the sacrifice.
                    I only would but tender this advice:
                    A little tax relief would sure be nice.

                                                       —$O.OO noNYmous