The Fourth of July By Any Other Name Would Still Be Cause for Celebration


Do They Have the Fourth of July in Your Country Too?

On the Fourth of July,
The fireworks belie
The totality of what we can celebrate;
Cuz that bold Declaration
That made us a nation
Was but one thing of note that befell the date.

Here’s another, for kicks:
In 1946,
On July 4th we gave our attendance
To the Treaty of Manila
Which granted the Fili-
pinos their own independence.

We could honor, as well,
The Erie Canal,
The Territory of Iowa, or
Louisiana’s reach,
Lou Gehrig’s big speech,
Or that the Anglos beat the Zulus at War.

Why, there’s stuff apropos
Most folks don’t even know
That took place on this most famous day:
Like, H.D. Thoreau
To W.P. did go,
And L.B.J. signed the F.O.I.A.

And didn’t you know
That our fifth Prez, Monroe,
Died this awe-spicious date?
And that Tom and John, too
(That’s “Prez Three” and “Prez Two”),
Met with the same exact fate?

Cal Coolidge was born
Independence Day morn,
And too, U.S. Grant number three,
That gorilla named Koko
(But no, no – not Yoko),
And Barack’s teenage daughter, Malie.

And y’know, the world ’round,
July the 4th can be found
’Tween the 3rd and the 5th – how curious!
And I’ve heard that the Brits
Consider that it’s
When they won their freedom from US!

      —4non 4. Mouse