The Never-Changing Ever-Changing: Alfred's Lone Traffic Light Turns 40

Forty years is a long, long time
To turn from green to yellow to red;
Though clock or carillon chime,
It’ll never turn its head.
        But it’s seen a lotta stoppin’
        And it’s seen a lotta runnin’
        And it’s heard a lotta brakin’
        And it’s heard a lotta gunnin’ –
But the stoplight never changes,
As the stoplight ever changes.

In ’74 it began to shine,
Guiding cars down on the street
At the corner of Main and Pine –
But oblivious, should they meet.
        Oh, it’s seen a lotta left turns
        And it’s seen a lotta right turns
        And it’s watched a lotta U-turns
        And a lotta “Well-I-might-turn”s –
And the stoplight ever changes,
But the stoplight never changes.

                        —Anon A. Mouse