Still Priceless, I Guess

“What poem shall we post today at”
           My trusty chief Assist-Ant Mouse had asked me,
           The every-weekend choice with which she’s tasked me.

“I like the one called ‘Father’s Day’,” she said, “And so does Mom –
           I know, not even having to consult her,
           Cuz there isn’t any way it will insult her.”


The decision was already made, it sure appeared to me,
           And “Dads in History” ’s already there;
           But I wondered…maybe “Priceless” had a prayer?
Nope, that wouldn’t do – my wishes fade… “Then ‘Father’s Day’, I ’gree.”
           “Oh yeah – hey, Happy that, Dad, by the way!”
           “Thank you…I’ve been having it – all day.”


           “More like, all this decade. Thanks to you. :-)
                   Make that…more like two.” :-) :-)

                                         —dAdA Mouse