Ad Lib Notes, Off-Key and On

I read in the Sun of some programs upcoming,
Of Alfred’s attempts to set people to humming
With concerts, recitals, and other such things
At which one plays a horn, and another one sings.

Like, I read of the concert with Frank Mitchell Bush
Whom the orchestra asked to come sit on his tush…
“And as long as you’re sitting, here’s 88 keys –
But there are strings attached…Mozart’s 23rd, please?”

The Symphonic Band, under baton of Chris Foster,
Is to put on a show with such names on their roster
As Nimrod…Candide…Incantation and Dance
(A tune that was dreamed up and written by Chance).

And to Cap it all off, ’cross the way Alfred State
Held a concert of music to honor the late
Choirmaster, Anthony C. Cappadonia,
To say, “You were great; we’re all blessed to have known ya.”

But there was one recital that gave me a chuckle;
By the sounds it’s put on by performers whose luck’ll
Be lucky if any attend it at all:
It’s a vocal recital at—guess where?—“How’l Hall”!

                                               —Anoff Key Mouse