The Three Horsemen of the ApoC-hristmas

They saw his star in lands afar
Then traveled west upon a quest
Which carried them to Jerusalem.
Their beasts they curbed, the burbs disturbed
When asking news of a king of Jews—
A royal birth of matchless worth…
King Herod, aghast, the teachers asked
Where Scriptures warn that Christ be born.
They answered him, “In Bethlehem—”
But he cut them short in their report;
And secretly made plans to see
The Magi men and ask them when
This star they’d seen had shown its sheen.
“Go, make a search an’ find the urchin”—
He saw them wince—“I mean, the Prince,
So I, like you, can worship too.”
By this, this hoodlum woulda fooled ’em,
But as they went from that twisted gent,
They saw that star spectacular
Which went before, right to the door
Where dwelt none other than child and mother
They were looking for to bow before,
And in a dream learned Herod’s scheme
So off did scoot by another route,
Thus foiling plans of that bad man’s,
And keeping safe this heav’n-sent waif,
But dooming scads of Bethl’hem’s lads
Now in the path of Herod’s wrath.