To the Tune of Jolly Old St. Nicholas


To the Beat of a Different Drummer

Jolly young Miss Twenty-Six
Dye your hair that way?!
You won’t tell a single soul
What I’m going to say:

Make-believe is going soon
Says your dear old man;
Whisper what you plan to do,
Tell me if you can.

Think you’ll go to grad school now?
Maybe way out east?
Good—if there is any chance
Your income be increased.

Don’t have health care any more,
Aging off of mine;
Sign up for Obamacare
Before you get a fine.

Jolly young Miss Twenty-Six
Been on easy street,
Don’t hang ’round here too much more
Or history will repeat:

You’re working at the library,
The church, et cetera,
You drive a Buick Century…
You’re becoming your grand-ma!

                           —Old Manymous