Sticking with Alfred’s Sun Even After Alfred’s Sun Stuck it to Us

Attention all and everyone
Who opened last week’s Alfred Sun
And after reading pages one
And two and three and wanting more
Commenced to try to turn to four
But found the pages only tore,
Then heard yourself shout, “What a rip!”
And felt perhaps your lid you’d flip –
Hold on there, people, get a grip:
It’s not as though the world is ending;
The Sun just needs a little mending
Or maybe quite a bit, depending...

But still, don’t let yourself be mad –
It isn’t really quite as bad
As root canals you might’ve had
Or piercings, or the odd tattoo;
And don’t think that it’s just a new
Trick to get you to renew –
To “cement relations”, so to speak –
And no, it’s not a random tweak,
Nor new-brain-teaser-of-the-week.
Nope, this just means Dave Snyder’s fishin’
To create a collectible edition –
Even at the risk of reader attrition...

                                 —Too-Sticky Glue