Mos(quito) Murderer


Worth the Price of Commission

Of all the world’s salt marshes, Carolina’s home
                                             to thirty full percent.
But when I visited I didn’t find mosquitoes there –
                                             I wondered where they went.
Then I thought, well, maybe skeeters just can’t breed in salt;
                                             and that gave me an inkling
Of what to do when I got home: I’d take the salt out to
                                             our swamp and start in sprinkling.
Sure, the neighbors think I’m nuts, but that’s okay, I’ve got
                                             my sights on something else:
That winter’s salt trucks take the hint and salt our frozen swamp –
                                             then get out before it melts.
If they don’t get out of there quite quick enough they’ll all
                                             get stuck….and that’s a bummer.
But at least we wouldn’t get hordes of mosquitoes coming
                                             out of there next summer.

                                                            —O. Nonymos