Keeping Your (Second) Child(hood) Under Control

  “A nonagenarian should not be allowed

            to reminisce…much,” *
Lest our uber-technologized youth should convince you
you’re way out of touch
Cuz you don’t know the lingo, or even latest
sick internet game,
And you’d rather just sit and do crosswords—or, oooh, maybe Tetris!
“How lame…”

 But we think that it’s cool that you’re ninety –
hey whatever, y’know, floats your boat.

Tell us how it works out; we might try it someday –
y’know, be an old goat
Whom the NEXT round of young techno-geek whipper-snappers
Dismisses as gorked,
Cuz we still tweet and text, and post photos on Facebook – how cute!
“Oh, how dorked…”

                                                            —Almost A. Goat

*S.R.S. (1975), Light Rays and Reflections, p. 3