The Fourth of July, By Any Other Name, Would Still Be Cause for Celebration

On the Fourth of July,
The fireworks belie
The totality of what we can celebrate;
Cuz the bold Declaration
That made us a nation
Was but one thing of note that befellthedate.

Why, didn’t you know
That James Monroe
Died on this most famous date?
And five years prior to,
Adams and Jefferson, too,
Suffered a similar fate?

Or that Silent Cal,
Big business’s pal,
Chose this date to be born?
Likewise, Tokyo Rose
(Friend to our foes)
Showed up one July 4th morn.

And now let me ask ya’s:
Did ya know that Alaska’s
Star was added this date?
’Course, since 1818
That’s the way that it’s been –
So it’s true for many a state.

So you can, on the level,
Find other reasons to revel
In the East, or the West, South, or North,
Than the usual way –
“Independence Day” –
On that glorious date, July Fourth.

                                    —Anon A. Mousica

                                                      © 2010