There Goes the Neighborhood

It was hard for me to fathom what a tangled web I’d weaved
            In a world that was dank and dark – and hidden.
In my mangled mind, half truths and lies were all that I believed;
            I couldn’t face the facts – that seemed forbidden.

I never would admit it – turned a blind eye to the truth –
            Preferring an alternative reality
That would take me back to brighter times, and carefree days of youth…
            Rather than confront my immorality.

But now my heart is softening; my vision pierces through
            That misty veil enshrouding humankind;
I believe I can see clearly now to bare my soul to you –
            Better hurry up, before I change my mind.

My sin? I left the cobwebs in the basement undissected –
            ’Bout making me the worst of all backsliders;
But worser, other creatures’ creature comforts I’d neglected:
            It was even too cobwebby for the spiders.

                                                —Arachn A. Mouse