In a Hurry to Get Hitched

Y’know, I know he was in a hurry to get hitched,
And to get that Minnesotan’s last name switched,
So he was driving all the way there in his car –
You know it must be love, to go that far.

But then, while he was en route, he felt a bump –
A sick’ningly distinctive kind of thump:
His bumper bumped a pick-up’s trailer hitch,
Which crumpled up his bumper just a titch.

It was minor, as these fender-benders go
(The fender-bender-fixer told him so),
But it still was most upsetting to him, natch…
Because that pick-up didn’t even get a scratch!

No, he couldn’t wait to get to Minnesota,
And didn’t want delays, not one iota;
No construction zone or toll booth would slow him –
Only bumping into pick-ups who don’t know him.

He had hoped to get there quick – without a glitch;
But he tried to hitch a ride on someone’s hitch.
He was in a hurry to get hitched to you-know-who;
Bet the pick-up driver picked up on that, too.

                                    —MinnesotA. A. Mouse