Ya Snooze Ya Lose

A certain paper once I had, and I concede it
Was important – and I knew someday I’d need it,
And that then I’d be obliged to hark and heed it;
But I didn’t have the time right then to read it.

So I put it in a place I wouldn’t lose it;
Then when I needed, I could get it and peruse it.
Unfortunately, while I took a snooze it
Promptly hid, so by default I must disuse it.

So now I think it’s safe to say I lost it,
And I’ll be lucky if I ever come acrossed it.
It can only be replaced at such high cost it
Leaves me feeling poor, to think I might have tossed it.

Hold on – I think just now I might have found it!
So much other stuff was piled all around it
Didn’t see it there – but now I will impound it…
No wait, that’s something else I lost – confound it!

                                                 —A. Lost Mouse