The Last Thing We Knew, We the People Were Still the Government (Key Phrase: “The Last Thing We Knew…”)


Is It “Shove the People, Buy the People, Force the People”? No, It’s “Shaft the People, Bypass the People – Fork Over, People!”

They kicked the can on down the road –
            Just because they can.
Can ’em! Tell ’em, “Hit the road!”
            Can we? Yes, we can.

But will doing that bring better news?
            (I know; I’m being cynical.)
With the sundry clutch of hacks we choose,
            They’ll always be inimical.

We’re weary from our rants and venting,
            Vying for an ear
From those we thought were representing
            Tenets we hold dear.

In every gerrymandered acre,
            Bar Harbor to L.A…
Can we tell a homie from a faker?
            I wonder too…can they?

                                 —Can On Downymous