The Alfred Sun: Where great minds meet. (And they don't monkey around.) 

 Anon A. Mouse

Anon A. Mouse is a humorist-poet-musician-theologian-mathematician, still looking for a job in his field. In the meantime, he’s working temporarily as a computer programmer to pay the bills. So far, "the meantime" has been twenty years.

You can read Mouse's Sun Spots in the Alfred Sun, Alfred, NY's weekly newspaper. There are few extant photographs of this reclusive creature. But every once in awhile, someone catches him with his nose buried in the Sun, where he is undoubtedly looking for a misprint in his poem.

If you should find a misprint here, dear reader, or anything else that displeases (or pleases) you, do let Mouse know about it.  Email, or find him on  Facebook and Twitter.

Anon A. Mouse, on his way to a costume party dressed as the sinister Banan A. Mouse, a.k.a, “The Left Hand” (of Bananas). That way, if anyone tried to expose his secret identity, he could easily just peel out and split. And give them the slip.